Customers and referenses

Ageos has an impressive customer base, of the most important exploration companies and major mining-industry companies.

Read up on some of our customers:

Boliden AB

Ageos has conducted borehole-EM surveys with DigiAtlantis system for several targets since 2016.

WSP Sweden AB

Ageos has conducted borehole filming and hyperdata at Stockholm and Skellefteå since 2015.

Magnus Minerals 

Ageos has conducted ground-EM and borehole-EM surveys with different sensors for Magnus Minerals at various targets in Sodankylä and Pelkosenniemi since 2014.

Boss Resources Ltd 

Ageos has conducted ground magnetics, ground-EM and borehole-EM surveys at Liakka and Skogtrask Ni/Cu projects in northern Finland and Sweden with success and good results. Projects have been carried out by various geophysical systems including Gem Systems GSM-19, EMIT SMART Fluxgate, Geonics 3D-3 LF coil, Supracon Jessy Deep HTS Squid sensor and EMIT DigiAtlantis borehole-EM system.

FinnAust Mining

Ageos has conducted borehole TEM surveys and been part of ZTEM survey for FinnAust Mining, at various targets in southern Finland since 2012.

Anglo American

Ageos has conducted ground-EM and borehole TEM surveys for Anglo American, including LT SQUID and DigiAtlantis systems, at various targets in northern and central Finland since 2009.

Kittilä Mine 

The Kittilä Mine, one of the largest known gold deposits in Europe, is located in Lapland, in northern Finland, and owned by Canadian mining corporation Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd. In 2010 and 2011, Ageos successfully completed several survey projects for the Kittilä Mine. The projects include Titan24 surveys in co-operation with Quantec Geoscience, borehole logging down to 1,600 metres, and ground EM surveys using the Smartem24 system with a Fluxgate magnetometer.

Pyhäsalmi Mine 

The Pyhäsalmi Mine, the deepest metal mine in Europe, is located in northern Finland and owned by Canadian mining corporation Inmet Mining. In 2010 and 2011, Ageos successfully carried out several deep TEM surveys, to a depth of 1,700 m, for the Pyhäsalmi Mine, using the DigiAtlantis system.

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