Geophysical borehole surveys

Borehole TEM surveys with the DigiAtlantis System 

» Measures total B-field 
» Measures all three components simultaneously 
» Acquisition of full waveform
» Enables low frequencies for transmitting
» Survey depth down to 1 900 m

Borehole logging using the Wellmac System

Developed by Malå Geoscience and improved by Astrock. 
Variety of different measurements: 

 » Magnetic susceptibility 
 » Density 
 » IP 
 » Resistivity
 » Natural gamma 
 » Inductive conductivity 
 » Caliper 
 » Fluid resistivity and temperature

Borehole imaging using the Astrock Optical Borehole Imaging System  

High-quality camera system with up to 1 900 m cable length imaging capability. 
Developed and manufactured by Astrock Oy. 
  » Minimum tool diameter 42 mm 
  » Borehole diameter from 46 mm → 
  » Maximum cable length 1 900m 
  » Vertical resolution up to 0.5 mm 
  » Azimuthal resolution 0,5 degrees (720 pixels) 
  » Colour resolution 24 bit RGB value 
  » Imaging speed about 100 meters / 1 hour 
  » Produces forward-looking video and continuous 360º scan images from the borehole wall 
  » Results presented as Hyperdata Reports

Please read more about our Borehole Imaging System

Borehole Gammaspectrometer 

  » Excellent for rugged conditions 
  » Suitable also for low level radiation 
  » Final results are U, Th and K contents

Borehole Radar 

Ageos offers borehole Radar surveys with the 100 MHz Ramac/GPR system 
developed by Malå Geoscience.

Full Waveform Sonic

Sonic logs are widely used to provide formation P-wave velocity and mechanical properties. Under suitable conditions also S-wave and Stoneleys wave arrivals can be detected. The Sonic tool is FWS50 by ALT with 4 receivers. 

Acoustic Televiewer

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Reflex EZ-Gyro

Minimise the risk of human error

The simplicity of the REFLEX EZ-GYRO™ significantly reduces errors related to data processing and interpretation.

Ensure accurate results

With vertical and angled orientation, fast and accurate orientation of bottom hole assemblies are possible without the need for costly non-magnetic alloys or the risk of magnetic interference.


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